Saturday, July 6, 2013

A new post?!??

Yes! The last few months have been terribly busy with out of town guests coming and going several times and travel. The last few weeks have also been traumatic. Hopefully things are starting to calm down now.

Unfortunately this post is my Fourth of July nails a few days late. But at least it's still the weekend of the Fourth! right?

I used Essence Colour and Go Glamorous Life and Orly High on Hope. Both of these seemed appropriate. for different reasons. I stamped the white stripes with Cheeky 10, and the white stars with Cheeky 4, both using Konad Princess white polish. I hand painted the bows.

I hope you are having a great Fourth of July weekend!
Hope to see you soon! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth day 2013 with Sally Hansen

I won a blog contest! Woot!!! From the sweet KarenD at Frazzle and Aniploish
I was sooo excited. She gave away the same amount of polish as the number of years she has been on this earth...Earth Day...see that connection there. *wink* Thank you Karen!!!

I used Sally Hansen Tropical Brights to do my Earth Day mani. It was fun and intricate. I thought it would be easier than it was. But I will try it again!

My entire hand! The shock

My awkward right hand.

I was going for an interwoven theme. "I knew you before you were woven together..."
I used a piece of waxed paper and painted about three coats of polish of all three colors. Parrot, The Sky's the Limit, and Temptation. Then with craft scissors I cut the paper and the dried (after a day or two) polish into the rick rack strips. I painted my base colors. Most nails were blue, some on my right pink and some on on my left green. Then I stuck the strips on (sans wax paper) and topped it off with top coat. Some of them smeared a little.

Will you try something like this? I need sharper scissors!
Have a great day!