Friday, March 27, 2020

Ahhh qua!

This is a gorgeous aqua from @jandberries 
Say hello to Open up and say ahh-qua from her Spring Me Along collection, available now. Use code ManiSwapCircle for a 15% discount through March!

Open up and say ahh-qua is a pale aqua creme with blue diamond shimmer
and metallic blue microflakies. Price: $9

It's shown at two coats with shiny topcoat.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Swamp Gloss Reefer Madness Part 2

Third one of the new collection coming from @swampglosspolish 3/28. I know y'all will love it!

This is 'Let’s Blow This Joint' - a lovely  lemon lime glow in the dark  neon jelly with subtle teal/blue shimmer, iridescent flakies in pink, gold, green and green, blue, gold.
Shown at 3 coats with Swamp Gloss QDTC. If like the radioactive look, this one fits the bill.

The Reefer Madness Quad is to celebrate this once in a lifetime opportunity that the entire month of April will be 420 this year.

Swamp Gloss  will have a month long (April) sale on polishes and body care products. Buy four polishes (excluding new collection), butters or scrubs, in any combination and get 20% off. 
Can't beat that!

Final one in the quad coming from @swampglosspolish 3/28. 

This is Give & Toke - a neon blurple base with teal/indigo shimmer, aqua/green crystal chameleon flakes, teal metallic micro flakes, and iridescent flakes that shift green, teal, indigo, fuschia and gold at extreme angles. I really Love this color! 🤩Shown in 3 coats with Swamp Gloss QDTC.
Sale and new collection, check it out!