Friday, December 7, 2012

It's time for Christmas?!

The neighbors have their lights up, so it must be... I have done a couple of manis, I just haven't been good about taking pictures, or posting.

Here's one I think you might be interested in seeing.  Maybe. I was terribly excited to get my hands on this polish. Maybelline Mirror Image. Someone tipped me off to it being available on ebay and I nabbed one.

I decided to try some layering tests since the bottle is not that big. My pointer I put the Mirror Image directly on my standard base coat. My middle finger and pinkie finger I used the enclosed base on top of my base coat. I used Orly Luxe as a base on my ring finger.

Here it is at two coats on all except my ring and pinkie. They each had only one coat of the Mirror Image.

My pinkie actually looked the best at one coat. The directions said two to three coats. I went ahead and stamped it with SdP 72 from Dashica. I dotted a few "berries" on and stamped a bow using KleanColor Metallic Red and Cheeky plate 24.

I did not expect this to hold up more than 24 hours, but it held up well over 3 days with the pinkie taking the worst of the wear.

This is my first Christmas mani. It took me 4 days to think to take pictures of it... fail. By that time, I had knocked a chunk out of my nail. This is China Glaze Emerald Sparkle and Ruby Pumps. Two old favorites. :)

Hope your Holiday plans are coming along!
Have a great day!