Saturday, June 30, 2012

Magnetic Brand Radiant Red

I placed an order for several Magnetic Freakin' Violet which I need to show, but while I was at it, I ordered this one as well. I thought I would check it out and see if it was holo. The formula was great, but it is not a full on holo. It does have a bit of a color shift and a tiny bit of holo. Maybe similar to China Glaze GR8 but in Fuchsia/Red.

I tried out my new stamper from Dashica also. I really liked the way it stamped. I used the XL stamper on my middle finger. While it stamps great, if you look closely, you can see bits of the image that it did not pick up. Konad will not (for me) cover the edges completely. I used plate SdP41 also from Dashica with Konad red stamping polish. I loved the plate and the resulting stamp.

It reminds me ever so slightly of Zoya Posh, but with some holo/color shift and a slightly lighter color. Not something I would seek out, but I'm glad I ordered it. These are great polishes if you can get them locally in my opinion. I believe they are made in the Netherlands. I purchased them from a etailer in Canada.

I've had several inquiries about The Shop. I am going to try to get it opened Tuesday 7/3. Thank you all for asking!!!

ETA - Sorry, I keep thinking of things to add. 
My 100/100/100 giveaway:
I am going to have a first prize winner and a second prize winner.
First prize will be their choice of 5 of my polishes and whatever else I can accumulate between now and July 26 (it's a special day). 
Second prize will be their choice of 1 of my polishes and some other extras. 
I'll get a Rafflecopter set up this weekend. 

If you have prizes you would like to donate, please send me an email. Nailsit at gmail. My readers will be extremely happy and I will be SO grateful and give you credit here on my blog in blogland!!!

Have a great day! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Orly Opposites Attract - 100 Followers?!!!

I picked up Orly Opposites Attract just to see how this magnetic worked and because this color is maybe one magnetic color I don't have. I should line them all up and see. I know I'm missing bright colors. Are there any?

I  was uber lazy and just swatched it over an existing mani. I will tell you that from my experience it works great to stretch your magnetics this way, but this mani was not the best one for this color. I did get good results with this magnet. KleanColors metallics are great colors to use magnetics over as they will alter the color. I need to show you that. On to the pictures.

This is how close you hold the magnet. I like the nail ledge and the grip this magnet has. It is helpful for positioning. Next to the L'Oreal Star that is old and virtually impossible to find, this is the best one I've seen. I wish they had more patterns.

A day in the life:
My neighbor backed into my mailbox yesterday, so no mail for me until we get it repaired! This is a tragedy when I depend on it so much.

Today, I locked myself out of my car at the allergy clinic. It was only 107 outside. Just a wee hot. The rest of the week is going to go great right?!?

And I have proof ~ I noticed I have one hundred followers! 100 ~ w00t! I think I need to plan a GIVEAWAY who agrees? Within a week or so, I hit 100 on FaceBook, wrote my 100th post and now have my 100th follower and guise, it just happens to be the one and same person that was my 100th like on FB! What are the odds of that happening? lol Something lined up right. :D She will get a little treat, but I am working on a giveaway, so rev up your enter engines!

See you soon! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zoya Ivanka vs SpaRitual Earth Matters

I have often admired both of these polishes from afar until recently. One came to me as a gift - SpaRitual Earth Matters - Thank YOU D! Zoya Ivanka, I finally broke down and bought - with a coupon of course.

I thought I would do a little comparison for you. But, what really prompted this mani was DH said he wanted me to do Green Lantern...OK. This was my stab at that and a comp. ;)

SpaRitual Earth Matters is on my ring finger. It is more gold toned. Zoya Ivanka is more blue toned and a bit more foily. Both are very shiny.

The plate I stamped with is RedAngel 111.

Here is what the polishes look like at one coat. The SpaRitual was almost opaque and so easy to work with!

See you soon.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lilacquer Encantado

I love everything about Lilacquer Encantado. The consistency, the color and the shifting shimmer. It's my kind of encantamento.

Not only is she a beauty. Look what she had to work with. This Quirius was bumpy and draggy and I will toss it the first chance I find a color dupe! Oh my word I have never been so frustrated. It was that bad. It looks like I have uber ridges and peelies on all my fingers thanks to this polish. Encantado helped smooth it all down. I do like the color of the Quirius and bottle is such a cutie. I will hang on to it until I find a replace ment or a good thinner to fix it.

I also had a stamping session. The stamping was lovely. It almost floats on the nail, but I decided to fill in the tip. Note to self, stamping polish does not work as polish. I know this...I've known it for a long time. Oh, and look there...ding ding ding. lol - fail.

Do you only want to see perfect nails? Do seeing fails bother you? Should I not post them and pretend they don't happen? lol

Have a great day!!! 

ETA - Oh wow, my 100th post! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nostalgic Jem and layering fun

I really love the glitter in Nostalgic Jem, but it must have something under it as it has a completely clear base. A friend had done some Verity shopping for me and this provided me with an excellent base. I also received a gift package(RAOK) from another friend (both TX girls!) and it went along with this layering perfectly. (Please ignore the Sinful Kissy stain-age. I scrubbed and soaked in peroxide. It's a stainer for sure.)

I started with Verity Hot Fuchsia,

then added a coat of KleanColor Fuchsia Glitter before finishing with Nostalgic Jem.

Blurred in an attempt to show how sparkly it turned out.

Hope to see you soon! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Orly Mermaid Tale

*Sale Update* Companion Cube glitter is on its way. It should be here tomorrow. So if you are wait listed, I will be contacting you soon!

I picked up Orly Mermaid Tale a week or so ago. The display suggested it would look best over black. I might be a bit of a rebel, I just did not want to wear it over black. So, I chose to wear it over Sinful Kissy. This mani was doomed. Kissy Mermaid Tale sounds like a love story right? It was not.

Kissy flooded every time it got anywhere near my index finger, so my pictures are cropped to spare you some of the horror. And finally, I went outside to take pictures and dinged the whole nail to bits.

This is stamped with W205 from Anna's Nail Art. The reason I dinged it up so bad, I discovered my plants were being eaten and grabbed the spray bottle to go after the pest.  Not advisable with a fresh mani.

This one is ok. :) I love day lilies.

Have a great day! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lisbon Girls and Sparkly Dots

Today I have a pretty soft yellow. It has lots of glitter of course. Some are tiny, some are large. The inspiration for this polish is literary as well. My friend Lauryn threw the name out without any other ideas and I took it as a personal challenge to create a polish to capture it. Along the lines of Sofia Coppola's depiction of their bedrooms, is where I went with the final conceptualization.

I have on two coats with no top coat. It is perfectly smooth with a top coat.

My camera is crazy. One shot is like this. (a tad too red)

The next is like this. (a tad too blue) Neither are exactly right, nor are they terribly wrong. But not perfect either.  

Just right...

I'm really happy with the two yellow polishes I've made. They are happily different. 

While I'm talking about yellow, I had custom ordered a pair of earrings from Denisa at Sparkly Dots with yellow in them. She is the greatest! Our discussion was around one of my mom's favorite flowers, the Lantana, but I wanted mine to be more pink.

This is what she came up with (it also was to match some fabric samples). I can not express how fantastic they are. They worked perfectly with SO many things!

She ALWAYS packages things SO beautifully!

And, I had also had her make this pair which I LOVE. HOLO... Is there anything else I should say? 

If you need some fantastic earrings or rings, check out her shop or her blog.

Have a great day!