Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zoya Ivanka vs SpaRitual Earth Matters

I have often admired both of these polishes from afar until recently. One came to me as a gift - SpaRitual Earth Matters - Thank YOU D! Zoya Ivanka, I finally broke down and bought - with a coupon of course.

I thought I would do a little comparison for you. But, what really prompted this mani was DH said he wanted me to do Green Lantern...OK. This was my stab at that and a comp. ;)

SpaRitual Earth Matters is on my ring finger. It is more gold toned. Zoya Ivanka is more blue toned and a bit more foily. Both are very shiny.

The plate I stamped with is RedAngel 111.

Here is what the polishes look like at one coat. The SpaRitual was almost opaque and so easy to work with!

See you soon.  


  1. Both of the greens are gorgeous...and the stamping looks amazing too!

    1. Thank you! That is a great compliment. I do love these two greens. I only have a decant of the SpaRitual. So I use it sparingly. :)


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