Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lisbon Girls and Sparkly Dots

Today I have a pretty soft yellow. It has lots of glitter of course. Some are tiny, some are large. The inspiration for this polish is literary as well. My friend Lauryn threw the name out without any other ideas and I took it as a personal challenge to create a polish to capture it. Along the lines of Sofia Coppola's depiction of their bedrooms, is where I went with the final conceptualization.

I have on two coats with no top coat. It is perfectly smooth with a top coat.

My camera is crazy. One shot is like this. (a tad too red)

The next is like this. (a tad too blue) Neither are exactly right, nor are they terribly wrong. But not perfect either.  

Just right...

I'm really happy with the two yellow polishes I've made. They are happily different. 

While I'm talking about yellow, I had custom ordered a pair of earrings from Denisa at Sparkly Dots with yellow in them. She is the greatest! Our discussion was around one of my mom's favorite flowers, the Lantana, but I wanted mine to be more pink.

This is what she came up with (it also was to match some fabric samples). I can not express how fantastic they are. They worked perfectly with SO many things!

She ALWAYS packages things SO beautifully!

And, I had also had her make this pair which I LOVE. HOLO... Is there anything else I should say? 

If you need some fantastic earrings or rings, check out her shop or her blog.

Have a great day! 


  1. LOVE the polish! I am all about yellow lately.
    Those earrings! OMG holo, I never thought about holo lol The first pair is awesome! I love the little bit of yellow.

  2. All the earrings are gorgeous! My camera gets confused by things, too--I guess I do work it pretty hard so it's probably tired. :)

    1. Yes! lol I do work it hard and I may drop it from time to time. Denisa does such a great job!

  3. I love the yellow polish - very nice! I really like the polish you have on in the earring pictures. Did you make that as well? What polish is that?

    1. Thank you. The polish in the earring pictures is NailsIT Lacquer Ants at My Picnic from my Summer collection. :)

  4. I really like the yellow polish! I also love the polish you are wearing in the earring pictures. Did you make that as well? What polish is it?


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