Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Orly Opposites Attract - 100 Followers?!!!

I picked up Orly Opposites Attract just to see how this magnetic worked and because this color is maybe one magnetic color I don't have. I should line them all up and see. I know I'm missing bright colors. Are there any?

I  was uber lazy and just swatched it over an existing mani. I will tell you that from my experience it works great to stretch your magnetics this way, but this mani was not the best one for this color. I did get good results with this magnet. KleanColors metallics are great colors to use magnetics over as they will alter the color. I need to show you that. On to the pictures.

This is how close you hold the magnet. I like the nail ledge and the grip this magnet has. It is helpful for positioning. Next to the L'Oreal Star that is old and virtually impossible to find, this is the best one I've seen. I wish they had more patterns.

A day in the life:
My neighbor backed into my mailbox yesterday, so no mail for me until we get it repaired! This is a tragedy when I depend on it so much.

Today, I locked myself out of my car at the allergy clinic. It was only 107 outside. Just a wee hot. The rest of the week is going to go great right?!?

And I have proof ~ I noticed I have one hundred followers! 100 ~ w00t! I think I need to plan a GIVEAWAY who agrees? Within a week or so, I hit 100 on FaceBook, wrote my 100th post and now have my 100th follower and guise, it just happens to be the one and same person that was my 100th like on FB! What are the odds of that happening? lol Something lined up right. :D She will get a little treat, but I am working on a giveaway, so rev up your enter engines!

See you soon! 


  1. I got this one too. It is very hard to find nice bright magnetics. Have you seen the LA Girl ones?

    1. Hi Denise! No, I haven't see the LA Girls. I have yet to find them locally. I need to go web shopping?! Thank you!

  2. That color is gorgeous! I have been eyeing the magnetics and wondered if they were easy to use and really turned out that nice but looking at your post, I have to buy em now! Thanks for 'everything'!!

  3. OOOh I don't own any magnetic polishes I didn't even kmow orly was making them! Chin up for the rest of the week and I hope your mailbox gets fixed soon! BTW got my polishes they are gorgeous! Thank you much sweets :)

    1. Thanks hon! Ins. came today. Still waiting for a stone mason. I'm so glad you like the polish!!!


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