Saturday, June 30, 2012

Magnetic Brand Radiant Red

I placed an order for several Magnetic Freakin' Violet which I need to show, but while I was at it, I ordered this one as well. I thought I would check it out and see if it was holo. The formula was great, but it is not a full on holo. It does have a bit of a color shift and a tiny bit of holo. Maybe similar to China Glaze GR8 but in Fuchsia/Red.

I tried out my new stamper from Dashica also. I really liked the way it stamped. I used the XL stamper on my middle finger. While it stamps great, if you look closely, you can see bits of the image that it did not pick up. Konad will not (for me) cover the edges completely. I used plate SdP41 also from Dashica with Konad red stamping polish. I loved the plate and the resulting stamp.

It reminds me ever so slightly of Zoya Posh, but with some holo/color shift and a slightly lighter color. Not something I would seek out, but I'm glad I ordered it. These are great polishes if you can get them locally in my opinion. I believe they are made in the Netherlands. I purchased them from a etailer in Canada.

I've had several inquiries about The Shop. I am going to try to get it opened Tuesday 7/3. Thank you all for asking!!!

ETA - Sorry, I keep thinking of things to add. 
My 100/100/100 giveaway:
I am going to have a first prize winner and a second prize winner.
First prize will be their choice of 5 of my polishes and whatever else I can accumulate between now and July 26 (it's a special day). 
Second prize will be their choice of 1 of my polishes and some other extras. 
I'll get a Rafflecopter set up this weekend. 

If you have prizes you would like to donate, please send me an email. Nailsit at gmail. My readers will be extremely happy and I will be SO grateful and give you credit here on my blog in blogland!!!

Have a great day! 

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