Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lilacquer Encantado

I love everything about Lilacquer Encantado. The consistency, the color and the shifting shimmer. It's my kind of encantamento.

Not only is she a beauty. Look what she had to work with. This Quirius was bumpy and draggy and I will toss it the first chance I find a color dupe! Oh my word I have never been so frustrated. It was that bad. It looks like I have uber ridges and peelies on all my fingers thanks to this polish. Encantado helped smooth it all down. I do like the color of the Quirius and bottle is such a cutie. I will hang on to it until I find a replace ment or a good thinner to fix it.

I also had a stamping session. The stamping was lovely. It almost floats on the nail, but I decided to fill in the tip. Note to self, stamping polish does not work as polish. I know this...I've known it for a long time. Oh, and look there...ding ding ding. lol - fail.

Do you only want to see perfect nails? Do seeing fails bother you? Should I not post them and pretend they don't happen? lol

Have a great day!!! 

ETA - Oh wow, my 100th post! :)


  1. Love first color!!!
    Congrats with 100th post!

  2. that shimmer in the first polish is sooo amazing!!!! happy 100th post :D

    1. She has an amazing thing going! Thank you so much! :D

  3. Ugh I love this Lilacquer color. I must absolutely pick up some of her duochromes when I get the chance. As to fails I think every blogger has them. When I look at the start of my blog or even posts from a few weeks ago I cringe. Lol - it was far from perfect, but hey it happens. For every great manicure I have there are usually one or two fails where I'm trying to get it right!

    1. She does have some gorgeous duos. I love this one and Selkie. It is very similar.

      lol - Thank you for the feedback and encouragement. I think I will always have fails. I'm just wired that way. I gave up my chase for the golden ring a while back.

  4. I post stamping fails, so personally I'd love to see other girl's fails too. I don't really think this was a fail, but I'm sure you'll see it differently considering you had this design on your own nails. I know what it's like to have on what you consider to be a fail, you just can't wait to get it off! Ha!


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