Monday, July 2, 2012

Patriotic nails

First up, for my Canadian friends, I did a little red...well a lot of red.

I started with Wet N Wild Everybody Loves Redmond. I used one coat.

I added one coat of Jade Surreal. What a beauty! This came to me from Brazil. My order from May 31 with  Ninja Polish is still not here. I hope it gets here soon.

It looked great in the sun. I just didn't get any pictures. Lately I'm having that kind of luck with holos.

I ended up chopping my nails and I decided to put on another holo mani. I should have checked the weather! Cloudy skies and rain for the next couple of days.

I started this one with one coat of Jordana Hawaiian Flower and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.

I added one coat of Jade Surreal and one coat of Jade Energy

Then, I stamped with SdP 65. I tried to get some outside shots today, but it started raining on me. I think my hands look like a little kid's with nails this short.

The last one is inside again under a lamp. You can see the holo better than outside under the clouds. 

I like the effect of layering the Jades this way. It changed their color and I still had a holo effect. I will have to try again when I have sunshine to see compare with double layers to see if I missed out on the holo. 

What do you think?

I haven't posted the rafflecopter because I don't have a good list of prizes. Should I wait for a list of prizes or go ahead and put the rafflecopter up?
Hope to see you soon! 

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