Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jade Delirious Rose

That's the way I see it... I love this color (aka Jade Delirio Rosa). If I had a top 20 list, it would be in it. This one came from Ninja. It was worth the wait. These pictures are day two. So the wear is pretty good on these.

Diffused sunlight

I was a bit distracted and did some cleanup but got back on track and took these in the light tent.

I decided to stamp it with Bundle Monster 310 and Konad Princess White.

I went outside to take these shots.

I realized then that my hummingbird feeders were empty. So, that had to be corrected. In the meantime...

Hey, stay where you are Jilly, I'll work around you. But, I gave up.

She fills the tent up completely. Silly girl.
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  1. The polish is cute, but the cat is adorable :D

    1. lol - we think so! Thank you! :)

    2. You're most welcome. How do you get rid of cat hair from the tent?

    3. I'm not sure yet. So far, I've used the poster board and that helps. We also have fiber brushes that are great at picking up hair.

  2. You're sweet for buying the kitties a tent *snork* I hope you find a way to keep them out of it, so you don't have kitty hair inside of it and in the photos.

    1. lol - I'm going to have to do better at staying on task. Then they won't have a chance to get in there. Or, if I'm going to do things in between photos, just fold it up. The hair is everywhere...


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