Wednesday, July 11, 2012

OPI Spotted and random stamping testing

Hey, remember my giveaway? I put it up here. I'm still working on finalizing prizes, but I wanted to get the form up so you could go ahead and enter if you want. Please let me know if you have any problems with the form.

A few weeks ago a friend, a wonderful generous little friend, was able to obtain OPI Spotted for me. I was so excited to get it that I put it on immediately. You might recognize the mani in the shot below, but here is my best shot over Wet n Wild The Gold and the Beautiful. None of these are superb, but I wanted to share.

Fun stuff!

I've had these stamping comps on my mind for a while. I thought I would go ahead and throw them in today as well.

I have three stampers I use. One from MagnoNails, One from Dashica and the regular Konad stamper.
I did a comparison stamp of all three of them with the same image Konad M69 on a clear glass cabochon. They work pretty well on these, because the surfaces are somewhat flat. My nails unfortunately are not. So these do not stamp the same on my nails, each have a different purpose when it comes to stamping.

The MagnoNails is usually my favorite for full nail images. As you can see, there is no polish left on it. It completely transfers. (the reflection on the glass messes up the image on the cabochon). The Dashica is my next favorite for full nail images. It curves around my curvy nails and gets the tip/corners.  Konad is only good for me for small images because it cannot curve around and catch all my nails. Think trying to stamp half a marble and that's like stamping my nails. Not literally, but it sure seems that way! lol

Then I did a comp of the several different tiger/zebra patterns I have. I used the Dashica stamper for all of these. Are you surprised to see that the Bundle Monster plate is nicer looking than the Konad? (Don't ask me why I used one of the messiest colors for this test...oh, I guess it was so it would show up better.)

And finally, I received my DRK-B plate from Ninja. I had heard there were problems with this plate so I took her for a test drive. Why not test my stampers too. Here is my test resluts (with my fancy labeling).

Just looking at the full sheet, the strongest clearest images, every time were marked XL which is the MagnoNails stamper. The Dashica is right behind it. Konad was variable, but again, I can only use it for some of my images on my curvy nails. 

The other good news was that all of my images on the DRK-B plate stamped just fine. :) I hope you have the same luck.

See you soon! 


  1. Hmmm this was actually very timely. I have to admit I am not loving my Dashica stamper these days and when I got a good look at it recently I noticed a chunk of the stamper is actually missing. I went ahead and ordered what is essentially the same stamper you have from MagnoNails but via ebay. Hopefully it will be as nice!

    1. Yay! Glad I could help or at least disseminate some useful information. :D
      Please let me know. I thought I had a backup and I cannot find it anywhere. I'll need to order another one if you like this one. I do not think the Ninja stamper is the same as the Dashica, even though they look similar.

    2. Yes this was very helpful and I'll let you know how the stamper works out when it arrives. I ended up doing some QCing today too since I got my new BM plates I just used the regular Konad stamper and that worked fine but I did prefer my Dashica to it before. So much that when I get ready to order more plates from her I will go ahead and just get a new stamper at that time too! Lol what's funny is my favorite scraper is from Chez Delaney, my favorite stamper is from Dashica, and now I have this new one coming. Women (smacks head...)

    3. lol - We do have our quirks. (: I've never ordered a scraper...I need to post my scraper! I completely forgot. It is an artwork I tell you!

      I can't wait to see your BM reviews. Mine still have plastic on them. :}

    4. Hey hun make sure you do test out your plates! I went ahead and most of the plates were fine except one which was engraved so shallowly that none of the images would transfer! I already emailed Amazon about this so that they can send a replacement, but you should give yours a quick check just to make sure you don't have the same issues.

    5. I will for sure test them! Thanks for the advice :)

  2. I like the Spotted over the less than stellar covering Wet N Wild gold. Classy black and gold - seems to always work as a pair. Guess that is why it's popular for school and sport team colors. Soooo - I completely see why you like the stamper you do. I have only a little starter set from Konad. I followed the link to the one you like that has 'give' and curves with the nail - but it's a Euro company. Do you know if anyone in the USA sells this or one like it? I can really see for larger stamping it's great. Love seeing all the stamp designs on pieces of paper. I never have seen anyone do that on a blog before - it's a great way to show off the designs.

    1. Yes, Dashica is NL, but she is so easy to order from. You just email her and she tells you how much. I lived in the NL a few years ago, so I guess I'm more comfortable with that. I will definitely let you know if I find a comparable one in the US (and/or cheaper one!) It is the best for the larger plates and the reason they made them. The Konad just doesn't do the trick. I believe (and could be wrong) that Konad has patents in the US that quell competition here. That is part of the reason the others are from elsewhere.

      I have bought my share of Konad! Believe me (: It is the best to start with. I will not hesitate to say that. I love their white stamping polish too.


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