Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hope you had a great Fourth!

I had started a beautiful mani the other day with JayBird's Bomb Pop. I love this polish. It is fun and perfectly represents the frozen treat it is named for! What better time of year to wear this polish than these patriotic 100 degree days?

The formula is great and these pictures were taken after a full day of hard wear. This is two coats with top coat.


 The next day I decide to top it with Girly Bits Vive la Revolution! What a fun polish. It's like patriotic confetti for your nails. :) This is about one and a half coats. It needs a heavy top coat to be smooth.

I had a brilliant idea to stamp it, which basically hid the beautiful glitter, so I decided to try out a topcoat I've been working on with it. I'm calling it American Style. I used Magno Nails H12 to stamp. I love those plates, huge images. This is a glitter bomb for sure. It needs the heavy top coat as well.

Bottle shot. I've only made half a bottle so far, I want to test the colorfastness of the red. It seems so many reds bleed, at least a little bit.

Did you have a great Fourth? Do you celebrate? Do you like these glitter bombs?

See you soon! ★


  1. This is beautiful! I love that Bombpop polish too! I don't have any Mango nails plates but I should also look into getting some. It's a rare image that fits the entire length of my nails these days!

    1. Thank you! Magno plates have been great for me! Mine are a couple of years old as is my stamper. I have a post planned comparing that stamper with my other stampers. :)


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