Monday, July 9, 2012

The shop is open with new colors

***The Shop is closed - that was fast! Watch for an update!***

Hey, remember my giveaway? I put it up here. I'm still working on finalizing prizes, but I wanted to get the form up so you could go ahead and enter if you want. Please let me know if you have any problems with the form.

I've also opened the shop and added a few new colors. Hope, Faith and Love.

This is a comparison shot of Hope and Hare Bisbee :) a favorite of mine. Two coats of each. 

 I will put up better swatches of Faith and Hope as soon as I get some lighting. We had tornadoes today! I also have a light box in route and am pondering a new camera. w00t!

For Kara is still missing pictures.  I apologize for that! It should be up as soon as I put the other pictures up.
Have a great day! 


  1. Aww girl I can't believe I missed it :( After stalking you daily hahaha! Alas I guess I'll need to keep a sharper eye out. Please let us know about your light box. I'm contemplating getting one a well because the sun won't last forever and my indoor lighting stinks!

    1. OK! I will do a post. You know I like to share ;)

  2. ETA: You changed your bottles! Girl whhhhyyyyy I love your old bottles so unique and pretty!

    1. oh, Those are mixing bottles. I usually don't let them leave my house unless I'm short. But, I am changing bottles. I'll post about that too...So much posting to do. So little time! :)


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