Saturday, August 4, 2012

China Glaze Unpredictable

I have the song "Unpredictable, that's what you are" stuck in my head now...except, that is NOT how the song goes. lol :?

This is my favorite of the China Glaze Bohemian Collection and the only one I have picked up so far. I think I may want one or two of the others, because I love duochromes. However, this collection, to me, is disappointing in duochromeness. Yep, it lacks shift. I did love Unpredictable. The bottle shift is gorgeous. The others look great in the bottle as well, but Scrangie is reporting less than stellar results. So, I'm not the only one noticing.

I stamped first with Bundle Monster 301 using China Glaze DV8 (I bought that polish is a marbling kit! I've never had the heart to marble with it, though I do stamp with it. No logic there.) I loved the effect. It actually made the nail look identical to the bottle. I was too lazy to try pictures and thought it was too subtle to show up with my camera. I apologize. It obviously does. So...

I stamped over that with Cheeky 10 using a very old WetnWild black. I was going for water, ocean, scales theme. I noticed with the Cheeky plate, it is cut shallow. I really needed to clean it after every stamp to get a good image. I figured that out after I stamped my first hand. I always stamp my photo hand first. I really need to switch that around...

One outside just for fun. The sun is SO bright!

The reason for an aquatic manicure? A concert by LRB! This guy was enjoying it...

It was at the historical Strand Theater in Shreveport, LA. It was built in 1924 by the company that went on to build Paramount. It is beautiful, here are a few photos to show you.
Lights off
 Lights on
 Stage right

 Close up of the ceiling (it was lower in the vestibule)
 One of the columns
 Rotunda (lobby)

Ticket window

Did you buy any of the Bohemians? Which ones? Do you like old architecture?
Have a great day! 


  1. The photos are so pretty. I hope you had great time at the concert.

    I'm not going to buy any of the polishes from Bohemian collection because they don't look that special to me, and I'm not a big fan of their finish. What you did with stamping is great.

    1. The concert was good. The light were in our eyes. The end was the best part. They finally got everything right. They also did a meet and greet.

      The Bohemian finish is borderline frosty but not quite. I may pick up a couple of the others, but I doubt I will get them all. Thank you!

  2. I love Unpredictable too, though the other blue in that collection is tempting my attentions, too. Great mani and especially nice photos of it :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, that blue is gorgeous, but it does not seem very duochrome. I'll have to see it again in person :)

  3. I love how subtle but pretty Unpredictable and DV8 are together!

    1. Thank you! They compliment each other very well. DV8 brings the blue out.

  4. Hi there! I've just nominated you for the Liebster Blogger Award! You can find out more details here:

  5. Unpredictable looks lovely on you!


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