Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank you to our Veterans!!!

In the US, today is Veteran's Day. My father, father-in-law, brother, and  several nephews are all veterans of foreign wars. I appreciate very much theirs and others service to our country and keeping it safe and free!

I attempted to do a patriotic mani in honor of the day and failed. Thank goodness our Veterans did not fail us! I started with a gorgeous blue I received in a "secret" swap this past summer. It's Star Gazer 303. It's a bit of a chameleon, like Orly Lunar Eclipse. To my eye it seems more royal than the Orly. I will have to do a comp with them next. It's a beautiful color.

My first obstacle was lack of light as we had storms today and I wanted to post this. My camera is very picky about lighting.

I'm throwing in a crummy cell phone picture just so you can see the flashes of pink/purple and almost chrome finish. It really looked like this to my eye. Maybe my eyes are just bad. :)

Then it went so wrong when I varied my norm from freehanding a tip to taping and stamping. I usually freehand the tip, then stamp. I decided to stamp the tip twice. It would have been ok, sorta. But as you can see, I stuttered on the red stamp and it really stands out! (Again, different lighting and see how blue it shows...) ETA - Cheeky plates 4 used for the stars and 10 for the stripes.

This was my second attempt, life interrupted and I had to stop. Lesson learned, I will stick with freehanding next time.
How are you celebrating Veteran's Day?
Have a great day!

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