Monday, April 22, 2013

March of manis

For a multitude of reasons I got off track with my posting, so here are the March manis I did not get to post. :)

The Easter Ones

The Layla Project

Jindie Nails with Orly Miss Conduct

My bunnies that I loved and were soo easy with dotting tools. They took sooo many colors.

My Easter Proper Nails. Mostly Laylas and all free hand.

My after Easter Nails. But everyone called them Easter eggs. I guess they were still in an Easter mood or maybe I was :) It's been an Easter tradition the last three years to do a pastel rainbow.  Maybelline Banana Puddin (sent to me by a dear fellow Texan) fit in so well with this one.

Reciprocal Gradient Nails
How about that title? I love these over at My Simple Pleasures and tried to follow her tutorial. I goofed and left off a piece of tape. The entire time thinking, I really think three lines would look better. I didn't realize the tutorial shows three until I went back to grab the link. Oops. Oh well. I also think my tape is much narrower, at least, it would have looked better with wider tape. On to the picture.

My sponge was too dry on my last round of sponging. I used Elmer's glue around my cuticles for faster cleanup.
It just peeled right off and I had very little cleanup. I liked this so much better than taping around the cuticles. It was good for this application, I thought.
I used China Glaze Designer Satin, 

The Greens
For St. Patrick's Day of course!

Borghese Mento

Cult Nails accents on Essie. I loved this one.

KB Shimmer Get Clover It for the big day :) It's a jelly that looks so yummy you want to lick.

I'm going to try to start catching up on April now... 
Have a great day! 


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    1. Thank you so much! Not much stamping in March. :)

  2. Some gorgeous manis here! I love the pastel bubble skittles, pastel gradients and KB Shimmer Get Clover It!


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