Thursday, March 12, 2020

Swamp Gloss Reefer Madness part 1

Part of the new collection coming from @swampglosspolish 3/28. I know y'all will love it!

Reefer Madness Quad is to celebrate this one in a lifetime opportunity of the entire month of April being 420 this year.
Pricing: $12/each $45/set.

She also will have a month long (April) sale on polishes and body care products. Buy four polishes (excluding new collection), butters or scrubs, in any combination and get 20% off.  Can't beat that!

This is Just Call Me Marry Wanna - a neon watermelon crelly with matte and metallic glitters in different shades of blue. Love this color! Shown in 3 coats with her QDTC.

This is "Eat The Brownie's" A neon sky blue crelly with cyan/blue/purple and blue/violet/red UCC flakes. It's Fab at two coats, I did three and used Swamp Gloss QDTC  which is my favorite!

You'll want these and the next two! (Coming up)

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