Thursday, July 19, 2012

Technically speaking, I have a tent and other news

Yes! I did it. I bought a tent.

Not a light box, but a light tent. I found an awesome tutorial for making a collapsible light box because I am tight on space. Then I realized I would spend almost as much on the materials to make a box as I would on buying a premade tent.

So, I bought a tent. Let's look shall we?

Lesson number 13, if left unattended, Lady thinks it's for her. Jilly was right beside, waiting for a turn.

Back to the beginning. It comes in a cool little zip up pouch that is an 8 inch circle about an inch thick. The contents look like this.

The first "unfold" it looks like this (and popped me in the face). So, step back.

Completely open, it's a 16" cube with a nice little opening for a camera lens.

The cover is velcroed on, so it comes right off for easy access.

Inside are more velcro tabs to hold the back drops. Included were white, blue, black and red fabric. I also cut a 16" wide poster board the fit in perfectly (so no wrinkles or fur).

Now, the tale of two lights. This is my old light. I used it for the first pictures I took. However, it bit the dust the second time I opened my tent and the tent hit my light instead of my chin. It knocked the light onto the tile floor. :/ That first pop, is a big one!

I bought this really nice fancy light for my tent premier. 

But when I took it out of the box, a screw was the first thing to greet me. Here it is in the tent (taken with my now deceased light).

When it wouldn't turn on, I did some searching and behold. The screw home that wasn't. I was not about to try to fix this lamp out of the box. So, back to the store she went. The replacement works great. 

These are taken in my tent with my deceased old light only. :)

I think with some tweaking and the new light, I'm going to enjoy it...once I learn how to avoid that first pop.

I also received my order from Ninja and an little extra. 

I love magnetics, so I was super excited to see this! This is what the magnets look like in the box and how I tried to work it first.

I realized, with that arrangement, I would have to adjust it for each nail or it would be the wrong height every time. So, I just used the little handle to hold it on the nail. Which worked OK as far as a holding device.

This is the polish that came with it.

It smells very strongly. It was very thick and pigmented. I could not however get a good pattern with it. I need to play with it some more and use a different magnet and try this magnet on my other polishes to see if one or the other work OK. Sometimes, the magnet is to blame and sometimes the polish. I'm not sure which in this case, but it was really iffy and the smell was strong enough I didn't want to keep playing with it. It's a really pretty color though!

I'm not going to say this was sent to me for review, because to my knowledge this was a gift because my order took a bit of time to get to me. Thanks Ninja. :)

In other news, I have new square bottles for my polishes. See:

My colors make a rainbow!

I had every intent of switching to these and staying with them. I love how squares store. I'm not sure I love them though. At this time, if you place an order, I will ask you to specify bottle choice until I am out of one or the other.
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  1. Your cats are adorable, and so are your polishes. I prefer square bottles to other shapes, merely because they are easier to store.

    1. Thank you! I agree about storage. My favorite drawers are my Zoya, Misa, DL...well DL is my fav ;) such an adorable bottle!

  2. I LOVE that little tent. I have a light box that I just recently made, but it takes up so much space that I do not have, not to mention the cats think its fun to sleep in. Can I ask where you bought the tent?

    Also, I like the new square bottles. :)

    1. You bet. I should have linked it in the post. It's this one. You can find the same one on Amazon.

  3. My cat couldn't get enough of the lightbox, either. It's the attention box! Such a camera whore... .

    I'm sorry you're not loving the square bottles! They DO stack nicely and look great. I like how they still have round brush tops... I kinda hate applying polish with the brushes that have the fat tops (square or round) that are the same width as the bottles... it makes the bottles look nice but MEH.

    1. Your cat is beautiful! I understand about the big lids. Then if you pull them off, you just have a nub to hang on to. No fun.

  4. Love the new bottles :) I like how square stacks too, so neat and tidy. Keep up the great work :)

    Your kitty are soooo cute! I'm so jealous!


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