Monday, February 4, 2013

Catching up and One year!!!

Oh hey!!!

It's my 1 year blogiversary!

I passed my One Year Anniversary blogging this week. I must say it seemed to happen so quickly. I'm not the best at it, but I'm still here (read my first post). :D The Mayans were wrong. See, I was really disappointed about that, so I took a break. j/k ;)

I think I should have a little giveaway in celebration of my blogiversary. The only requirement is that you be a follower. Simple enough? I will post the winner 02*13*2013 - I just love numbers.
I will post the prize or prizes and the Rafflecopter tomorrow so be watching...

Here's some manis for now. First up for the Valentine's theme is OPI Pink of Hearts. I love the color on this one. It is a bit patchy at two coats. But I had not intended to wear it alone anyway.

I topped it with stamping (sorry I cannot remember this plate) but I know I used the Konad pink. I also added a coat of DS Shimmer and was happy with the results.

As I mentioned earlier. January was a flaky month for me. I'll be posting those interspersed.

This is the flaky that started my resent obsession. I was checking out at Ulta and pumped about the great deals I was getting combining clearance items and coupons. This was sitting there at the register the last one, so I grabbed it. *"* It was a bit pricier that I expected, but I couldn't resist. Thus, my flaky love was reignited. It looked great at two coats.

See you soon!


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