Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jessica Hologram Chic with A England Saint George stamped

Jessica Hologram is a beautiful hologram silver polish. It comes in a set with a base coat for preparing the nail surface. I am wearing just two coats here with no top coat.


Way too many pictures :)

This is un-retouched photo using lamp light in the dark. Look at the rainbow! (99% of my photos are un-retouched.) ;)


I noticed it looked really sheer in no light at certain angles and was afraid day two was going to be cloudy. 

So, I stamped it with A England St. George for day two. It was sunny anyway and wow! I did topcoat this with OPI DS Topcoat. I think it did okay. It may have dulled the holo the tiniest bit, but not much!


Sometimes I really wonder what on earth my camera is focusing on!

When I wear it again, I think I will base coat with a silver. Otherwise, one coat was plenty holo and two was just extra!

Hope to see you soon! :)

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