Thursday, February 16, 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire over a Franken

This is a blue jelly franken (a polish custom mixed). See how clear the bottle is where there is no polish. There is very little opacity and it takes several coats to cover well. The advantage is a "jelly" looking finish. OPI coined the term sorbet for their polishes with this look.

It looks very much like Revlon Royal. The franken is slightly darker, a bit dustier, and much jellier. :)

With the help of a couple of very nice ladies, I was able to obtain this beauty. It finally showed up in the mail today after traveling around several post offices in my area for a week. So, I couldn't resist adding a coat of it to my blue jelly.

I think it deserves the name Fantasy Fire. It looks like glowing embers.

At some angles, there are green hues. You can faintly see them here toward the cuticle.

I love the process of creating a new polish with pigments or by mixing existing polishes even though I don't do it often. I really love Fantasy Fire!

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