Monday, February 13, 2012

Lynnderella Nosegay - My love!

I could wear this forever! I knew I would love it. I have a weakness for lilac, lavender, purple and shimmer. This has it all. 

Another beauty from Lynnderella's Lovely is as Lovely Does collection.

Look, look at that shimmer. Teeny tiny little sparkly bits. Is it glitter of the tiniest size or pigment? It reminds me a bit of Bride of Frankenstein which I adore.

I just love the complexity of this!

Lynnderella's description reads:
Nosegay (defined as a small bunch of flowers, bouquet or posy) is made with lavender and purple multi-sized hexagons and squares, with blue-violet shimmer in a translucent pale violet base.

I am wearing two coats over two coats of Revlon Cloud. It matched almost perfectly. I topped it with one coat of Glitter Tamer and one of Nubar Diamont. This is my second mani using Trind Balsam (nail treatment) and I hope to do a post on that so I thought I would mention it also.

This will be hard for me to take off ;)

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