Sunday, September 16, 2012

Girly Bits Jelly Shoes

What a gorgeous bright pink! And it has a lovely blue shimmer to it as well. This is Girly Bits Jelly Shoes from her Summer Collection. You may remember Arctic sunrise also from this collection. I still want a couple of others from this collection, but they are always sold out! Get them when you can!

I used a random white polish here and free handed the diagonal. I taped and stamped with Dashica SdP 72 plate. It was a quick mani and I dinged it before I could photo. You can also see where I got a dot of black on my nail. That macro shows everything. It looked so much better to the naked eye.

Girly Bits are sold here
Pam's blog is here
Girly Bits FaceBook

I see she is having a full restock tomorrow! With new polishes!
Have a great day! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Stef! :) I of course always see issues ;)

  2. Same here. I never got any Dollish polishes because they sold out so fast :-/
    You did a great mani, I didn't even notice that black dot :-)

    1. Thank you Ivana! Oh, those Dollish are hard to nab!

  3. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous :) You did a fantastic job with this!! Brava :)))

    I adore Girly Bits--and I can't wait until restock tomorrow!!

  4. Tena!! this is Gorgeous!! It actually looks very much like my salon! ♥

    1. lol I didn't think about it matching you Pam! That's great. Thank you!!! xo

  5. Oh this is super pretty hun! I hope you have been well haven't seen you posting too much recently!


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