Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Darling Diva Jami

I have another indie polish for you today. This polish was such an enticement for me, I pulled the trigger on it twice! CK was nice enough to fix my second order and send me another polish. But, now that I have DDP Jami, it probably would have been fine if I had gotten a second. It is that great.

Darling Diva Polish can be purchased here and she has some in stock now. Look at the glitter! It reminds me of a bit of Lynnderella Bride of Franken. It has similar tiny shimmer. This is two coats.

One coat

Darling Diva uses a new suspension medium (silicon dioxide). I noticed a difference in this polish, but it was perfectly ok with me. The second coat smoothed out just like any other polish. It actually dried really fast which was great. You can see from the first coat shot, that it was fairly shiny on it's own. It did need a couple of top coats to smooth it down, but this one is packed with glitter. A double top coat is common with heavy glitters so, that is not a surprise and definitely not due to the different base. I am very happy with this.

I decided to challenge myself later and attempt to stamp daisies around the glitter. Not my best idea. I did hit a few, which was like scoring a goal! lol 

I tried a couple of stampers and found my Konad stamper worked the best with this plate, T41. It took me a few tries to find that out because I started with the XL stamper. I also had glycerin in my remover that I think was affecting my plate cleaning. It sure was nicer to my skin.

My XL stamper worked the best with the XL-H that I used in the background. I should have dotted the center of the daisies that didn't have glitter, but I didn't think about it. I used my Don't Mess with TeXas for the green stamping, Konad green and white.

Hope to see you soon! 


  1. Oh so pretty! Indy polishes seem to be the most creative lately!

    1. I believe they do have the edge on the big brands. Thank you!

  2. that looks like a really nice color to layer with :D and once again, i love your design!! definitely off the hook

  3. omg. i love what you did with it, woah!

    1. Thank you! Don't you NEED this pink?! ;)


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