Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lynnderella Attitude Adjustmint

Lynnderella Attitude Adjustmint - I didn't realize how much I liked this polish until I actually put it on. It has beautiful micro-glitter and and the mid size glitter shifts color. It's a fascinating color and I received numerous compliments on it.

 I used Claire's Dream Catcher as a base for Attitude Adjustmint. 

It is a pretty polish on it's own, but 3 coats look like this. So, if I were wearing it alone, I would have to have something under it. It has a pretty shimmer and looks a bit like Chanel Jade. I'm glad I picked it up and it's worth the effort.

I had to stamp it with my new Anna's Nail Art plates after a bit. I'm slightly obsessed with flowers right now and a rose trellis was right up my alley.

Happy Mother's day!!! 

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