Friday, May 18, 2012

Nails Inc and Sally Hansen = Peacock nails

I have been wanting to use this Bundle Monster plate since I got it. Recently some other ladies have posted about peacock nails. I happen to love them and have my kitchen and dining room decorated with them. I was also going to do a comparison photo Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and another Nails Inc and found I didn't have the other one but did find Warwick Way and St John's Wood. I thought these would make a perfect peacock. It just all seemed to fall together. :)

Here's how I did it. I tried this technique a few years ago and posted it on MUA. I used it mainly because I had never sponged nails and this seemed the easiest to me, especially since I had no clue what I was doing. I still like it.

After I painted my nails with base coat and two coats of Nails Inc Warwick Way,

I took a regular makeup sponge. 

I cut a piece off and put the edge of it in my claw.

I painted a stripe of Nails Inc St John's Wood then right next to it a stripe of Sally Hansen Pacific. The nice thing about doing this right on the sponge is they blend together for you in the sponge.

Then, I just stamp, dab it on my nail. If your stripes are big enough you can paint your nail all at once. Just dab a little extra in any bald spots. Re-stripe the sponge between nails as needed.

After that I topped it with one coat of Lilacquer Selkie. You want to go here and get these. She has other gorgeous polishes too!!!

Then of course I stamped it with Bundle Monster 212 using China Glaze Hi-Tek. Easy Peasy sponging! Will you give it a go?'s some of my dining room/kitchen

Have a great day! 

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  1. This is sooo pretty. I've just got the bundle monster plates but I'm struggling a bit with my stamping technique x :-)


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