Saturday, May 5, 2012

May the fourth be with you!

There  were disturbances in my forces today. *sigh* But, I have some pretty pictures for you!

Here is the mani I wore for May the fourth.

It started like this. Revlon Powder Puff. I love the finish on this.

Then I added one coat of You Concrete Me.

I used Nubar Reclaim, and free handed the laser lines. I used Color Club Revvvolution, and China Glaze 2nite to stamp with plates Konad M-3, BM14, and BM21.

If you noticed specks of dirt in some of these pictures, I was frustrated with the sun playing peekaboo again and started checking on my new plants and petting outdoor kitty.
Susan G. Komen Gerbera Daisy (She's perked up now)
I think this is a mini Gerbera. The leaves are different and it is very compact.
New Guinea Impatiens. <3 At least two people who read my blog will know why I had to have these in addition to the regular Impatiens. I also planted Lantana (another sentimental one) and regular Gerberas.

 This is outdoor kitty. I think she is the neighbor's, but she is very very often in our back yard and loves all over us. We feed her snacks.
 She can't come in because she sees Jack and starts hissing. She will sit on the patio and they look at each other through the door.

Sorry to be so slow getting this posted. I realize it is now Cinco de Mayo! Pictures to follow :)


  1. Ooo You Concrete Me is lovely! Good call layering it over Powder Puff, it looks so soft :)

    1. Thank you so much! I really like this franken.

  2. this is really pretty (: i like the nail combo you came up with all by itself as well, it's super pretty even without the design!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it was a gorgeous base to begin with. I love both of them.

  3. This is really pretty & the cat is very cute x :-)


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