Monday, March 5, 2012

Barry M Racing Green meets reinforcers

Well, and  Essie Mint Candy Apple and Sally Hansen Resolution. I started this one with Essie Mint Candy Apple. Then I used those little stick on reinforcers for notebook paper on an offset and repainted with Resolution. Lastly with Racing Green.

The trick was waiting long enough for the polish to be dry enough that the reinforcers didn't pull any of it up when they came off. So for that reason it's a little time consuming. If you use a quick dry top coat after each color, you end up with a lot of layers.

The other trick is pulling the reinforcers up toward the wet polish and fairly quickly after you polish. Otherwise the polish you just put on bonds with them and you end up with some peeling around the edges.

I really liked this combination. But, I had to go and freehand some shamrocks with China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. Not so bad in real  normal viewing, but in macro - yikes. And I didn't wait long enough and the top coat smeared it a bit. 

Basecoat here was Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler, Two coats of Essie, Two of Sally, top coat is Nubar Diamont.

I'm thinking of doing greens until St. Patrick's Day.  Am I crazy?

Hope to see you soon!!!


  1. LOVE this combo and design! It looks great! You are not crazy. I am dying to get into my greens!


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