Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lilacquer topcoats

Last week was a very difficult one for me. A sweet friend and nail aficionado sent me a surprise to encourage me. Isn't that awesome?! All three Lilacquer top coats. They are beautiful.


I could not decide which one to wear, so I decide to skittle. I love them all! Selkie is on my pinkie and index finger. Lycanthrope is on my ring finger, and Kitsune is on my middle finger. There is spam now.

These are outdoor with indirect sunlight.

These are indoor with natural lighting.


These are under incandescent lighting.

I could not take enough pictures :). So I took a video as well! None of the pictures today have a topcoat.

I wore two coats of each over a jelly I made, InkADink. At three coats it is this opacity. 

However, this picture is more color accurate. It's a dark blurple as on the right side of my nails. 

If you'd like to purchase any or all of these Lilacquer top coats, and I know you would, see Lilacquer's tumblr for ordering information.

See you soon! :)

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  1. great swatches!! thanks :) how did you make inkadink? would you mind sharing the recipe? :)


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