Monday, March 5, 2012

LCN Magnetic Green

LCN Magnetics are some of the best. L'Oreal are the other great ones that I have. I just picked up the China Glaze magnet this weekend. I thought it would be a great time to use the LCN green and the chevron pattern.

I was not able to get the chevron to work on my China Glaze magnet. However, the diagonal worked great. So , here's my mani, the LCN Magnetic green with the diagonal pattern from the China Glaze magnet


I started with Trind Balsam, Orly Bonder then Instant Artificials. I used Sally Hansen Going Green as a base coat. This way I only have to use one coat of the magnetic. It saves on the higher priced product. You can also adjust the color a tiny bit with the base color. 

Below is a shot of my right hand. Oh so hard for me to take right hand photos. I did a comparison of the China Glaze magnet and the LCN magnet. The China Glaze was easier to work with, the lines were closer together, and the pattern was more distinct. It's on my middle and ring finger. 

The LCN magnet was more difficult to hang on to and place. The lines were further apart and gave a less distinct pattern. It's on my pinkie and index finger. If only the chevron and the star worked as well, China Glaze would have an awesome product.

Do you love magnetics or meh about them? I think I'm going to wait for someone to get the magnets right before I spend any more money on them.

Have a great day! ♣


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