Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fabergé for Easter

Easter is getting closer. :) I won't be doing non-stop Easter art, but I thought I would put one in here and there. This one was inspired by a card I received a couple of years ago.

I started with Orly Porcelain. Then used China Glaze Romantiques Adore, Admire and Cherish with 2030. I used plates H17 (the green vine)*, Konad M40 (pink and blue flower), and Chez Delaney D21 (the gold). Then I added a top coat of Out the Door Northern Lights.

This is the card that inspired me, a beautiful Fabergé Egg. I may try another this year. :)

Are you planning a fun mani? Hope to see you soon! 

*This plate does not have a name brand, but was also purchased from Chez Delaney


  1. THIS IS REALLLY GREAT! I always love the Faberge eggs for Easter! you really did capture it!! Love your blog!

  2. That's amazing! I had earings like that a long time ago, love it!


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