Friday, March 9, 2012

Catrice The King of Greens

One of my favorite sitcoms is The King of Queens. When I first saw this polish, that was what came to my mind. :) I have no idea if thy were playing off that name or not. I was sent Catrice The King of Greens by Denisa of Sparkly Dots as a gift from Ireland. So of course, it has to be one of my St. Patrick's manis!

It's a beautiful green. Reminds me of jade with a strong gold shimmer that is not showing off in these pictures very much, but it is very showy.

It is a beautiful color. These are color accurate of the base color even though they don't give the gold enough credit. We have no sun today, very dark and cloudy.

I decided to amp it up and used FingerPaints Flecked but it was barely noticeable, that's how showy Catrice is on it's own. So, I also stamped it with Red Angel 102. The image is cut very deeply on this plate and either I had too much polish or not enough. I tried a couple of stampers. I still need new polish - need I tell ya! 

Super close up.

Hope to see you soon!

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