Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to blue and lessons in water marbling

I interrupted my blue posts for Easter. I have a few more and I think I'll continue at least alternating some this month. I had several picked out already.

This is a water marble that I did before I took off my Jaybird Blue Tang.

I used Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm, China Glaze Rain Storm and Savvy...well, it's gone missing at the moment. I like their bottles and I'm sad that Sallys stopped carrying them. All three of these worked great in the water marble. Here's what my cup looked like before I drew my design.

Here's after my drag marks.

Now for my nails and a few lessons. I tried dipping my ring and pinkie finger together. They did fine, but the design center was just slightly off. The  RBL polish is so pigmented that I had top coat drag even though they were plenty dry. So I had to top coat as if I had on Konad stamping polish. I guess that was Lesson one and two.

The next lesson, is always always tape off your nails before dropping your polish. I've taped after and been ok before, but this time, my tape stuck and I had to undo my nail and retape. That little bit of extra time made the design go on wonky. See middle finger.

Those are my lessons in water marbling. I love the way my index finger turned out. ;) The Savvy and China Glaze are both sheer enough to allow my original mani show through which is what I wanted. The Savvy added the extra shimmer and along with the RBL made the design.

The best place I know of to learn the basics of water marbling is here. I'd love to see what you come up with! 

Oh, and my little metal cup that I used is one I purchased just for water marbling. It has an LSU logo on it. :) Geaux Tigers!

Have a great day! 


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    1. Thank you so much! I need to work on application a bit. I love marbling!


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