Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth day plans and a gradient fail

I've been trying to stick with blue manis for the month. It's been easy to do with the exception of a few. Earth day is coming up and blue fits right in with that as well.

Today, I decided to try a gradient with some new indie glitters I've been wanting to use and I thought it could be earthy looking. I'm not a gradient expert, so I'm not even going to attempt to tell you how to do a gradient, because I have so much to learn. It also turned out...well, DH said "what do you have on?" That is not a good sign. Especially if blue is included. This is how it ended up.

Sally Hansen Diamond Flash was excellent for not smudging the stamping. Even though I wrinkled my middle finger afterwards as you can see, the stamping itself didn't smudge a bit.  I should have new Konad white polish any day now. Yay! I've thinned this one so much to stretch it further and keep it going that it's just barely stamping.

Here are the gorgeous polishes I used in this adventure that will be featured in a better setting later. I love them all.

Here's what it looked like before I stamped it. 

I'm already working on another Earth Day idea. This one is already long gone. Will you do an Earth Day mani?

Hope to see you soon!


  1. Interesting combo for the gradient..I wouldn't have thought about that but it works! And thx for sharing that the SH doesn't smear stamping...I bought a bottle because I heard it didn't dull holos...but good to know that it works for stamping too. I'll probably do a Earth Day mani...have to come up with something as I haven't thought about it yet!

    1. You are SO sweet! Yes Karianne was the little birdy that informed me of both facts on the SH and I promptly went out and bought a bottle. It's easily available here, just $.

  2. I just LOVE this mani, it turned out awesome!


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