Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marble mani for Earth Day

This is from the vault. I love it and will no doubt do this combo again. It was my very first water marble. I read and read before I started. So, some of the success was due to the great tutorials on My Simple Little Pleasures, some was beginner's luck.

(Please excuse the dry cuticles)

I learned on my first nail (my pinkie) to base coat. See how sheer it is? That was in all the tutorials. I just skipped it.

I had a great pattern planned out on a test nail. I think I forgot which way I had drawn the pattern and rethought as each nail progressed. You can also see a couple of water bubbles which the tutorials will also tell you how to avoid. I really love these anyway. Maybe it's the serene color combo. 

Awkward right hand photo. I think I will do another marble again very soon. I really enjoy them.

Have you attempted a water marble? Do you like them?

All the names are in for the giveaway. I will draw the winner in the morning (or have a kitty help me). :)


  1. I haven't tried water marbling yet...but yours looks awesome...particularly like the star-like effect on a couple of the nails!


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