Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty in the garden

I bought Yellow Kitty because of the name. We had a yellow kitty and we loved her. This polish is thick and streaky. I had cuticle flooding and gave up on a clean polish job which I usually try very hard to accomplish. I resorted to doing standard cleanup, which I do not like and try to avoid. The polish does dry very shiny and I love the soft color.

I used  a tiny piece of paper towel to sponge on Essence I Like from last year's spring collection. Then did the same with Sally Hansen Going Green leaving a bit of the Essence showing. I used plate A02 with Konad Black Gold to stamp the dark vine. Then used Konad green with Konad m36 to stamp the green vine. The white flowers are from T41 and the butterflies are from Konad m36. Plate A02 and T41 I bought from Chez Delaney, but they are unbranded.



The fill in colors are Zoya Lolly, Quirius News of the Beloved, China Glaze Shaken not Stirred and China Glaze Electric Beat. (The cotton ball fuzz was unintended :)

Do you have an Easter or spring mani planned? I have one more Easter mani to show you.

Have a great day!!! 


  1. This is amazingly well done! Great job!

  2. This is so beautiful... sigh... :)

  3. My bottle of Yellow Kitty isn't thick or streaky, maybe you just got a bad one? I LOVE that color too, and I love your designs!


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