Friday, April 13, 2012

Pahlish Train Underwater and Happy Friday the 13th!

This is beautiful. I don't know what else to say about it. I will let the pictures talk. I took a few. :) Pahlish is having a Friday the 13th restock also, so check her Etsy shop out. I didn't even notice the medium hex until I started polishing. They were sparse and only showed up on a few nails. So you can choose to use them or not.

The story of Pahlish Train Underwater from the creator:

"Train Underwater is named after the Bright Eyes song "Train Underwater" The actual lyric that I had in mind was "you were born inside of a raindrop, and I watched you falling to your death" and it reminded me of the sparkle that you see when rain is falling onto a puddle! I wanted to capture the clear blue base of water with the idea of a sparkling explosion every time a raindrop hit a puddle. Toxic and Timeless is from the same song, but I went with a polluted water vibe for some contrast!" 

I'll have Toxic and Timeless for you soon :)

Artistic picture - it's so pretty!

Look at that bottle full of glitter. This is only two coats with a few coats of top coat. Like most heavy glitter, it is a little top coat hungry.

I got all literal and stamped waves using China Glaze Sci-Fi with XL-A.

No sun, totally overcast so it makes the finish look almost matte.

If you love blue, purple, sparkle, glitter or trains...this is a must have! I think it's a must have. Also, I didn't post the story behind Pianos Filled with Flames with the pictures earlier this week. Here is it's story:

"The name comes from the Neutral Milk Hotel song "Holland, 1945" The specific lyric is "Now she's a little boy in Spain, Playing pianos filled with flames" The whole song has a frantic kind of vibe that I love and I wanted to capture that in a bottle. The secret scoop is that all of the Pahlishes happen that way! I'll just be sitting at my desk, usually working on homework or editing a counseling tape and listening to music and something in the song will stick out to me and catch my attention. So I try to let my mind wander and think about the lyric and the mood of the song and if it's a good day a Pahlish idea is born! It's really weird, if I sit down at my work table and say "something cool is going to happen with this glitter today" it usually doesn't. The great ideas seem to catch me off guard and interrupt whatever else I'm up to, lol."

I love hearing the stories behind these. Especially when they have so much insight! This one was particularly poignant for me.

Have a wonderful day! ✿


  1. This is really beautiful! Blue and purple are two of my favorite colors! I was wondering though if the colors in your photos are true because I've seen a couple of other swatches and they're much darker than this. I've been wanting this one, but I actually prefer the darker look.

    1. They are true to my eye. I think there is a lot of reflection in some photos that make it look darker than it really is. It is not a navy base. It is more a teal jelly base. I do think the purple shows up more in person.


    2. One more quick note - unless I note otherwise, my pictures are taken using daylight (window) and I live in the southern US. So it's pretty bright lighting. I do not use a light box. That may make a difference. I also do not own Photoshop :)

      Steffels pictures are very similar to mine.
      However, she used three coats versus my two. Hope that helps!

    3. Thanks so much for letting me know and providing a link to a comparison swatch! Your swatches are very beautiful though. I wish my nails were as long and even as yours, but I had a couple of breakages a few weeks ago and my nails take forever to grow out ><

    4. You're welcome. Be sure to take Biotin, vitamins and drink water! Also the right basecoat makes a big difference. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I need to talk to you about plates...

  3. WOW great pics of Train Underwater!! Isn't it wonderful? I wore it a couple of weeks ago and couldn't stop staring! <3 Pahlish <3

    1. Thank you! I <3 it too! It's better than any pictures can show.


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