Friday, April 20, 2012

Exotic Earth Day Leopard

I don't know what to call these. I saw ones similar to them in the banner on Professionaldq. I bet if I looked long enough, she has a tutorial.

Hers are much better of course! But, I'm happy with these. I used One Coat Sally Hansen Grass Slipper

One Coat Heaven because the SH wasn't bright enough. The Heaven is too sheer though. Then I sponged Nubar Baby Blue at the base of the nail. I cut a makeup sponge into quarters and used my Cotton Claw tool from Sally to hold it.

The SH Grass Slipper is so strongly pigmented that it resurfaced through and the baby blue just lightened the base rather than leaving any blue. I sponged Icing Mood Swing Stormy/Serene at tip. I love this color. It has a gorgeous purple flash when worn alone. However,the SH Grass Slipper color again pulled through and altered the color ever so slightly. Plus this color changes with temperature, so it's very interesting. (Please excuse the random kitty hair.)

I used Konad plate M-57 to stamp it with Konad Special polish. I only used parts of two different patterns on this plate. 

I top coated again with Sally Hansen Diamond Flash. Today, it was not as great as yesterday. It smeared this stamping polish even though I gave it plenty of drying time. I'll have to try it with the other stamping black and see if it was just this one. This one was super runny.

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  1. i love that green! it's so vibrant :D reminds me of sour apple candy

    1. The Heaven is my fav of the two. It's just very sheer. The SH is great under it :)

  2. Wow this is awesome!!!
    I'm honoured. They look fab. Thanks so much for sharing <3


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