Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hope you had a Good Friday! ✿

I almost forgot - Easter manis! How could I? I guess I just love blue.

Here is an Easter design for you. It is a fast freehand. Mostly dots. :) I used one coat of Sally Hansen Grass Slipper as a base coat. It is a very pigmented polish. So if you are needing a quick one coater and like this color, it is great. It will stain through something like Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler, so use more than one base coat. I usually have two on. Unfortunately, not this time.

First I used a lining brush with an acrylic green to make the grass. Then I used the brush in the yellow polish,   FingerPaints Art Nouv-Yellow to make dots for the head and the body. I used a dotting tool to pull the tail out of the body dot. I used Zoya Paz and the lining brush for the legs and beak. Then back to the dotting tool small end to dot flowers and eggs. Then, a quick dry top coat and done!

Super easy, and quick. For someone who dots (not me), this is an easy nail art! And I think it ended up really cute too.

Have a great day! ✿


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