Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pahlish Pianos filled with Flames

I have a gorgeous red from a new Etsy store. Pahlish Pianos filled with Flames. She has a few colors in stock now and is restocking soon!

If you are familar with China Glaze Ruby Red Slippers, imagine that shimmer but with holo and a better formula. I've seen tons of pictures, but none do this polish justice. Not even mine.

Here is is at one coat.

Here it is at two. No top coat and it's already shiny.

This is outside while I was chasing the sun. It kept hiding behind dark clouds.

More pictures, these are inside with a mixture of lighting.

I finally caught the sun after I stamped it. I used Konad m65.

I love this polish. Look at the bottle. Look at the shine!

ETA: Here is it's story:

"The name comes from the Neutral Milk Hotel song "Holland, 1945" The specific lyric is "Now she's a little boy in Spain, Playing pianos filled with flames" The whole song has a frantic kind of vibe that I love and I wanted to capture that in a bottle. The secret scoop is that all of the Pahlishes happen that way! I'll just be sitting at my desk, usually working on homework or editing a counseling tape and listening to music and something in the song will stick out to me and catch my attention. So I try to let my mind wander and think about the lyric and the mood of the song and if it's a good day a Pahlish idea is born! It's really weird, if I sit down at my work table and say "something cool is going to happen with this glitter today" it usually doesn't. The great ideas seem to catch me off guard and interrupt whatever else I'm up to, lol."

I love hearing the stories behind these. Especially when they have so much insight! This one was particularly poignant for me.

Please check out Pahlish and let me know what your favorites are. Thanks for looking! ;)

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  1. I just got this polish, it is so nice on you. I haven't used it just yet. Is this without an undie? I haven't even opened mine but it looked like it would need a base of a red...but looking at your pics doesn't seem that I would need it. What would you recommend?


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